Recent widow

After 5 years of major changes, i.e. moving from a house I called home for 18 years, my business ended because it was in that home. Husband became sick and passed in October. I have a 25 year old son who is wonderful support. During illness, husband’s family had nothing to do with us because of a will from the passing of his twin brother. I am in solitude right now. Alone but not lonely. Slowly coming out of the fog. Need to spend time with me and decide who I am and how to get a community of friends around me. Also, can’t be isolated for another winter! Feeling vulnerable and just walking through all that was in the bonus box. I came to self-coaching through the podcast. I sleep with the voices of podcasters in my ears. I am drawn to Brook’s style. In my previous life I was in Fitness, owning a studio and then the last many years as a Personal Trainer. I also lived with alcoholism and the message of the only one I can change is me is deep in my head and heart. I am 66 years old, I don’t have a plan. It was always one day at a time. I know there is a coach who specializes in widows but I needed her for her book and podcast, can’t see going any further into coaching with her, at least right now. I did reach out to her but I backed away. This style of online learning speaks to me right now.