Recharge time

I’ve been feeling a lot more anxiety and depression over the past few months. I rejoined scholars in June bc I knew there were a lot of circumstances coming up that could be stressful. I feel like I handled them ok. I really feel like I’ve gotten good at recognizing my thoughts and feelings and doing the models and I feel like I’m letting myself feel.

But I still feel so sad every day when I have so much in my life to be happy about. I have suffered from/been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression in the past…. I’m trying to see if I’m doing something wrong with the way I’m thinking or if this is just an underlying chemical imbalance.

I identified with my 20 min coaching call that before having a baby and a business my weekends were my recharge time. I would work all week and recharge on the weekends. I am a shy introvert so interacting with people all week is exhausting. Now I have a one year old daughter and opened my business this year. I work most of the week, taking a couple hours to myself here and there and then the weekends my one year old needs all my attention. I love to give it to her but feel really sad for seemingly no reason at the same time. During her naps, I have to rush to get the laundry done and things around the house and it feels like there’s not enough time to get done what I need to do  to care for the house much less take some recharge time.

So I set aside an hour this morning to start the “Believing New things” packet as my coach suggested I believe some new things about my anxiety. I enjoyed it but still have so much to do today that it didn’t feel as recharging as I’d hoped. So I guess my goal is to create the feeling of recharged? in hopes that this will lessen my overall anxiety and depression.

I’m having trouble putting this into a model. And I’m having trouble with what my new thought to believe about my anxiety might be. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

C an hour to myself
T this is recharging?
F Recharged
R less anxiety and depression from not getting a chance to recharge?