In September I started off very motivated to do the work. Then our condo sold and it was time to look for a home. Most of my energy went in that direction, and I struggled with following my schedule. So many times there was a last minute piece of paperwork or signature or person to talk to that took over. And buying a good home went to the top of my priorities. Now the house is bought, the dates are set up, there should be no more surprises. I am thinking as soon as my schedule got thrown off, I should have sat back down to go through the process of putting everything that I needed to do on there, but planning for house hunting obstacles. Also, once I got behind on my work, I started to feel disappointed in myself. I was thinking that although in previous months I’ve proven that I can make commitments and keep them, September was proving that wrong. I ended up gaining 2 pounds because I ate off protocol, three times.
All in all, I feel like I did a great job, I found a house, but I need to really work on my thoughts around my business. My goal for September had been to complete everything necessary to start my offering of a six-session course for mental health professionals who want to cut down on their drinking. I got a lot done, but a lot got put off.
In October, I’m doubling down. It will get complete (since it’s mostly done), and I will have 3 new clients.
My question is, should I do the work for October, which is about organization, which I could definitely use, or should I focus on the Entrepreneur coursework, or, I was thinking redo September, which was super useful. I have the tendency to want to do all of it, but not sure how much is too much of each.

Thanks for everything, Brooke!!
P.S. I think I’ve finally convinced my friend who is a Health Coach to join us and will probably sign up in a few months, once she believes she can afford it. I can’t wait, it will be fun to know someone personally to do the work with.