Recommitting to Study of Self

This month I have failed miserably at doing the daily dares, which creates quite a bit of disappointment in myself because I’ve been very disciplined in doing this work almost daily. The results have been amazing- thank you!! My excuse is that dares are hard to think of. Moving forward, since we are at the end of the month- I realized I need to recommit to doing the work in general. That it wasn’t just this months daily work I was putting off but also not practicing thought models. At the end of the month I want to be a certified scholar of myself to achieve BIG personal goals because my thoughts are giving me incredible results.
Recently, I feel like I’m plateauing in my results with the awareness that I need to remember my WHY I committed to.
Brooke, I need to be challenged how I can jump-start doing the work and recommit? I’m MOTIVATED- just need to refocus. I’ve come SO far in this powerful program and want to be sure the same thing doesn’t happen next month. Any words of wisdom?