Hi Brooke,

I spent a day (or two) thinking that I was ready to stop my little overeating project. As in, I had lost enough weight to be okay where I was (even though I had not reached my goal weight)… There were chatters about how I wanted to not work so hard, be restrictive, etc etc. I was not giving up per se, but I was pausing my intentions.

Then I listened to one of the VIP coaching calls… and you reminded me that we in Scholars do hard things. That we can achieve anything we set our minds to. That we can put anything in that RESULT line and make it happen. That we reach for higher goals and show the world what is possible.

Like a switch, my brain turned back on just like a light bulb. I am recommitting myself to seeing what I am capable of! It might just be 5 lbs of weight, but it’s the process of getting there that will teach me everything I need to learn.

So not a question per se, just a little manifesto to share that I am recommitting myself and showing up as to be the best version of me.

Thanks, Brooke! Your energy and motivation reach far and wide! I hope you know that!