Reconciling a relationship before moving on. (Or not)

I signed up to work with a Bob Proctor coach for his thinking into results program a couple of months ago. When I joined I was in shock and experiencing some trauma because my little 5 yr old boy had just been sexually abused by an older boy in my neighborhood. I felt like this woman caught me in a very low place and she said things to me to munipate me in the course. I of course take responsibility for joining but it was a massive amount of money. She told me I needed to do something or I would die. She told me she didn’t believe ptsd was real. (However my son was diagnosed by a dr with it) she told me many strange things and then did not come through on her end of the contract. I waited 2.5 days for her to finally respond to my text message. Each time I talk with her I feel so much shame and manipulation. I want to walk away from the situation because I feel so bad after talking with her and I’m not sure that I can allow her to really help me at this point but two things are stopping me. One I paid a ton of money and really do want help with growing my business. And two I want to figure out why I feel so bad when I talk with her. I don’t want to run away because of how she makes me feel. I’ve geard you talk about making peace with how you feel in any relationship before you leave. How do I reconcile this? I’m angry at myself for spending so much money.