Reconciling who I really am

So I’m really coming to terms with who I really am and finding it challenging I guess you could say. I have always been extremely intuitive and love all the woo woo stuff like crystals, past lives, meditation and reiki. I feel strongly connected to a higher level of being, spirit and the universe. I am also highly sensitive as I came into the world this way and have always apologized for it. I have been told that I am way too sensitve and I take everything to beart. I have let people “hurt” my feelings my whole life even though I know now that this is not possible. I have been a certain way I suppose you could say and when I try to grow I am uncomfortable especially around my family. My primitive brain is really keeping me inside the cave and I have allowed this unfortunately. I feel like I am tired of fighting those who expect me to be a certain way so I am remaining the same at my own detriment. I want to be this force that I truly know I am meant to be as well as this crystal loving spirit, intuitive, woo woo person I know I am. I feel like I have a real gift to tap into others as well as myself and am feeling really out of alignment. I am rejecting this mindful intuitive part of me which means I am not fully accepting myself and therefore not accepting of others either.

I want to fully embrace all that is me even if it makes me and others uncomfortable.

Some guidance and ideas of thoughts to start thinking would be greatly appreciated.

And PS. When you offer me new thoughts to start thinking, I feel it would most likely be best to recite them daily??

Thanks so much coaches!! Xxoo