Recurrent negative thought loop

Hello Brooke

I am having trouble finding a different thought about a situation which happened.
The story is, after 3 months of my sister and her family living with me, I drank complete lost it and told them how I felt having them there, none of it nice, all coming from a place of bitterness for always giving and not receiving. The same time my husband told me that he sides with my sister as I drank wine earlier and then let loose. I thought that I finally had thre courage to tell the truth

My husband took their side and I was v hurt by this.

It’s been 2 weeks and everyone said they are sorry and we came up with some great solutions. So actually that horrible brought some very positive things to our family.

The thing I stuggle with is that my husband said that if I drink anything again that he will leave me. You have s told me many times to not drink wine at all and I agree. Since then I drank nothing, I’m doing fine without the wine and my relationship and life is so much better without wine BUT. I feel resentful towards Desmond for putting a ultimatum on our relationship.

Talk to you soon