My recurring fear thought

I keep having this thought or idea that SCS may not be what I need.

Please understand me- I love this, and know that deep down it’s just my thoughts holding my back in life.

But here is my fear scenario:
You coach me live. It comes to a point where your like “uhh, you need further help because your too far messed up” (except I know you would say it nicer) which would lead me to feeling super embarrassed.

I think a part of what has led me to feeling this way is how aware of my thoughts I have become and it’s scaring me. I’ve learned that my thoughts are really bad.

Is this normal??

Like yikes I want to change my thoughts now. Immediately.

At this point I feel like I’m drastically 50/50.

50% excited and very much encouraged to move forward and learn….
50% discouraged and worried that I’m somehow wrong and need further help.

I guess my real question is:
Are my feelings normal?