Recurring Thoughts of rejection

I’ve noticed myself thinking negative thoughts about my one of my coworkers. I can’t shake the feeling that they don’t like me, and I’m asking myself why this matters so much.

For more context, when she was training me on something, she was very nice. When I went to do the work I felt very overwhelmed and feel like I bothered her a ton with questions. Every time I would ask I would feel unintelligent and like I was bothering her. My manager assigned different work to me, and after that I didn’t talk to her much. When she would pass by I would ask her how she is doing, and got the cold shoulder. I feel rejected, she’s someone that I could have seen myself being friends with.

C ?
T my coworker doesn’t like me
F rejected
A question what I did wrong, question why I am not as intelligent as her, feel inferior.
R reoccurring lingering anxious thoughts throughout my morning at work. Question if any of coworkers actually like me

I am aware that I can’t change the way they feel and I may be wrong about the situation. Where do I begin with being okay with how things are?