Recurring unintentional thought

Hi Brooke,

I am having a recurring thought in my thought downloads about my thesis. It’s a variation of ‘my supervisor is going to come back with so many comments on my last chapter that’ll I will never be able to finish it’.

I did a model on it and replaced the thought with a new one that was believable…but then the old thought came up again a few days later. I did a model on it again but I’m seeing the old thought come up now and then even though I do believe the new one?! I did your ‘how to feel better course’ so I am confused about when you were talking about flipping models…is this what I am doing? Do I still need to go through the model with the old thought each time it comes up or am I meant to stop myself from thinking it, anytime it comes up should I stop it and repeat the new thought instead?

Thanks, Aoife x