Redirect Desire – from food to where??

Hi Brooke,
just watched your “Uncondition Desire” class, VERY helpful! You said several times how important it is to redirect the desire we have for food into something bigger, a long term goal. This hits home for me: It’s been so long that I’m trying to find a really compelling new big goal for me: In my late teens and twentys I wanted to travel the world and meet exciting people and learn languages. And I did all that by 27. The next big goal was becoming a successful entrepreneur – and I became one. Age 32 or so I was so successful with my own business that I was even a bit scared (what to do next?). But then I was offered a very cool opportunity to take it even to a higher level and teach my knowledge at a very reputated school. Now, age 52 I’m the head of this school, while still conducting this first business. And now? Other big goals were to have a beautiful relationship with a wonderful partner who can live with my accomplishments – I can hardly belief my luck, but last year we celebrated our 10th wedding anniverary. Now the goal to be finally at my natural weight. This seems to be a hard one. But since at scholars, I lost 25 pounds (40 or so still to go). I feel this is on its way and of course takes a bit of consciousness etc. But in a way it really feels like it’s already done (intermittant fastig finally did the trick – after so many years of fighting it seems so easy now! Thank you so much!!!) But professionally I would love to find a new project, some big desire I can direct myself toward. Do you have any insights on how to create a new big goal, when the “original” ones are already checked? Maybe a strange question, but one I really struggle with. Thanks for everything!