Reduced Enthapy

SCS has reinforced my sense of self-responsibiltyand accountability for my thoughts, feelings, actions, ans results. This is wonderful! However, I’m having a hard time with empathy.

Example 1. A grandmother of my husband was just diagnosed with cancer and I can feel empathetic for her, but she’s 88.5 years old. I haven’t had living grandparents for over 15 years, so I’m just thinking: “This is life. It ends. She’s had a good run. You’ve had opportunities to enjoy grandparents 15 years longer than I have, be strong and accept this.” Should I be sad?

Example 2. I have a hard time feeling empathy for siblings with financial problems when they made a series of choices that led them to the results they have created in their lives.

What do healthy empathy-creating thoughts look like?