Reevaluating goal

I joined scholars because I had the recurring thoughts I hated myself and my job. I think I still have a lot of work to do on these.

Last week I realized maybe the issue isn’t my job but with money. Since I create money through this job I think I hate. (That was an eye opener)

Today I had a rough day at work where old patterns came up again, I was unproductive, overwhelmed and confused and I beat myself up or doubted myself most of the day.

I want to double my income and pay off debt and go to coach training. I am thinking there are too many areas I need to address (time, planning, buffering) and I am not sure where to focus. Certainly my patterns at work are impacting my ability to start a side hustle. Should I stick to my original goal? 2x my income? Now that I write that out, seems obvious. Hey lizard brain, I see what you’re doing here.