Reevaluating my life’s direction

I switched my side hustle from virtual assistance to coaching in March. I’m not certified, haven’t had any paying clients, and am not passionate about either VA-ing or being a coach (though I love getting coached). I set an impossible goal to match my corporate income with side hustle income, and I told people about it. It’s part of my podcast intro & outro for at least 20 episodes. I keep thinking that I set myself up for long-term success but now I just feel overwhelmed, overcommitted, frustrated, and stuck.

This is one of my models right now:

C: I told people about my impossible goal
T: I can’t back out
F: Stuck
A: Worry about what people will think, judge myself for going public with my decisions, second-guess all my past decisions, bargain with myself to stick with it even though I don’t really like doing it, play down my anxiety and doubts if people notice, don’t show up as I think I should if I were really committed, don’t follow through on plans that would move me forward, let myself feel overwhelmed by all the projects I’ve started and have convinced myself I want to keep on pursuing.
R: I make it impossible for myself to change my mind without feeling like a failure

When I think about what I would want to do if I had to choose between things, coaching does not make the list. I have done a lot of work setting things up to be a coach, and now it all feels like a waste because I don’t truly want to do it anymore.