Reevaluating My Work Ethic One Year Into My Career

So I was sent an episode of The Life Coach School podcast and it was a discussion on victimhood. And after that episode, I curiously and (skeptically) listened to others, and one night I was listening to the episode about not drinking and it sparked curiosity and honesty about my buffers. I found myself pausing before engaging in whatever activity. Each time I drank, picked up my iPad, etc. felt less soothing.

I have been stepping into awareness of my actions (this was a challenging month), and I find myself filling up with assurance and feeling less shame, which has led me to step into my job ready to take action. But I find myself feeling lost and stuck — I even listened to the podcast about taking action despite negative emotions. I find myself spinning my wheels on which step I should take. Are there any other ways to approach this?