Referencing Your Work

Hi Brooke!

Thank you so much for answering my last question. Your answer was simple, but very helpful to me!

If I want to reference The Self Coaching Model or your other teachings on my blog, is that OK? I am just starting a blog and had written a couple of posts referring to your work. The words were my own, and I linked to your podcast, book, etc. within the post. I’d like to show example models in my posts, too, for the topics I’m writing about. Again, my own content, but heavily based on your methods and teachings.

I was thinking this would be fine since I was giving you credit and including links. But then I heard your episode on Dan Sullivan! When you flew to meet with him and wanted to use his tools in your coaching, he said no. I love that you came up with the model after this experience! I also want to create my own methods, but your work is such an amazing foundation.

I respect all of the creative energy that has gone into your work. I want to make sure that any content I put out there respects your wishes. I’d love to hear your thoughts about others referencing your work or using your tools in their own writing.