Hi Brooke.
I am in inexperienced writer in the process of writing a nonfiction book. I am struggling with how to go about referencing some of the ideas I am incorporating into my work. I find it to be a bit overwhelming. I’ve noticed that your books do not include any references even though you are teaching concepts that are supported by research. Does the absence of references not negatively impact your work? Honestly, I thought it was a requirement to back up claims with proof until I noticed that you have none. Were you advised on this when you wrote your first book? I would appreciate as much insight as you have on the subject. Of course I want a respectable and professional product, but I seem to be spending WAY more time on references than I would like. I really do not know how to go about having a published piece of work. At this point, I have just started writing after developing the belief that I can do it but have no real knowledge on the processes beyond writing. Please guide me.