Reflecting on my life.

Hi Brooke.

So I realized something today and it brought on all this heavy emotion. All of my adult life I have always felt like I needed someone’s “permission” to do whatever I wanted to do. Whether that’s with my career, my husband, my house, how I spend my time, how I look appearance wise, and how people view me.
I’ve spent the majority of my life being a people pleaser, and a damn good one at that.

Earlier today when I was thinking about my life I got overwhelmingly sad. I was sad to think that this whole entire time I could have lived my life truly how I wanted to live it- (rather than seek permission). I truly COULD have shown off my husband and taken great pride in my new marriage, but instead I held back due to not wanting to upset anyone. I could have really lived my life and enjoyed it but instead I was a prisoner to my own punishing beliefs.

Will I be set free once I let all of this go?

I’m so full of sadness and regret right now that I’m in disbelief that I will rise out of this.


Thank you.
I believe your an angel too just like those kids said