Reframing model for Day 5

As a part of my daily work, I am having trouble with creating two contrasting models. My circumstance is that my toddler was repeatedly getting out of bed last night at bedtime, instead of going to sleep. I stayed patient for the first few times, but when the fireworks started and she was getting scared, I began to lose my patience with her. I started thinking that I won’t have personal time to relax at night if this kept up, and that caused me to feel frustrated, and I got stern with my daughter. The result was that she was upset and still wouldn’t get to sleep. — For my Intentional pattern, I kept the circumstance the same, and I would have liked for my thought to have been that she is only little once. I would feel compassion, and I would have stayed in her room longer. For my result, though, I still wouldn’t have had time to relax because I would have waited in her room longer. Could you please help me to clarify my Intentional model? Thank you!