Regarding weight loss Protocol

One of my short term goals is to lose ten pounds (and my long term goal is to eat consistently healthy and keep my weight consistent throughout the year as I always eat a lot of sugar and often gain weight in the winter. And to be someone who is not controlled by urges/cravings for food/buffering)!

About 2.5 weeks ago I stopped eating sugar and flour. I’ve been eating between 11am – 7pm. The first week I lost a couple of pounds and the second week I gained a couple of pounds. It hasn’t felt very hard – at all (which is quite amazing because I love sugar! And bread!) so I’m wondering if maybe I am eating too much from 11-7? Should I be watching calories or fat more closely? ).

I also wanted to ask if kombucha is ok (during the eating “cycle”) . I’ve not been drinking it the past week because I wasn’t sure. A bottle has 12 grams of sugar I think- from (fermented?) fruit juice. I’m assuming that lemon water is ok during fasting…