I have a lot of regret that I didn’t have access to some of these tools when my mother was alive so I could have used them to help our relationship. Is this common? I am wondering how to turn it around.

C: learning new relationship skills
T: If I had known these things when my mom was alive, I would have showed up better for her
F: regret
A: beat myself up
R: get stuck in past

C: learning new tools
T: it’s great I have new tools NOW
F: excitement I can make my current relationships better
A: show up better with people in my life now
R: more connection and love

BUT in this new model I still feel it doesn’t get rid of my guilt or regret fully…Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Also, can we use someone who has died in this month’s exercises? I wonder if it would help to do one week with my mother as the person.

Thank you!