Regret on Not Finding Brooke Sooner

Hiya Coaches!!

Lately (for the past few weeks) I have been experiencing the emotion of regret. It is only 3 months ago when I was introduced to Brooke’s podcast and since then I have been in Scholars and am starting the LCS certification April 12th! Yay!

But…I am constantly creating these thoughts like ” I can’t believe I didn’t start this life journey 15 years ago!!” ( I am 42) or ” I can’t believe I have been getting in my way this whole time and I just found Brooke now!! What a waste of all that time before!”

I know how unproductive this is but my mind keeps pulling me back there.

T: “I can’t believe I am just starting this coaching journey now and didn’t find Brooke sooner!”
F: Regret
A: Spending a lot of brain energy on being pulled down that regret hole and then a lot of brain energy bringing myself back. Spending so much energy there that I am not as focused and motivated to be present in Scholars and podcast etc., feeling jealous when I hear other people who found this path years ago and basically in-action and not focused.
R: Not having my own back and being left energy-less.

I would love some ideas of possible new thoughts and even more I can look into but for now some ideas are:

Everything in my life happened at the exact time it should have happened

I am here now only because I meant to be here now and was not possible a few years back. I needed this extra time to arrive and that is okay.

I am so lucky I have been exposed to Brooke and LCS. Many people have not!

How can I move from here so I can be present and motivated when I walk into certification. In addition, are there any classes in the Vault I should check out connected to this?

Thanks so much!