Regret over my impossible goal

My impossible goal for 2021 is to make $X revenue in my business.

I had two ideas for a business – idea A and B.

I picked idea A, and I’m now regretting it because of thoughts like:
If I work on idea A, I won’t get to do what I like.
If I work on idea A, I won’t be able to do idea B.
I’ll get stuck in this business (in idea A).
I chose the wrong goal.

After 2021, I think I’d like to focus on idea B. This is another thought that makes me regret picking idea A. i.e. Why didn’t I just choose idea B to begin with? / I should have chosen idea B.

Some of my reasons for picking idea A I liked, and some of the reasons I didn’t like.

Here’s a reason I liked:
I choose idea A because I have wanted to do it for a while, and I want to see it through and see if I could succeed in it

And the reasons for picking idea A that I don’t like are:
I think I’m more likely to be able to make money with idea A, than with idea B
For idea B I’d likely have to use Instagram for marketing, whereas with idea A I wouldn’t need to

This is another thought that makes me feel regret for picking idea A: I didn’t have the right reasons for picking idea A.

What I’d like help with:
1. Is this a good time to re-think my goal for 2021?
2. If not, what are some ways I could see this differently?