Regret over not getting a Master’s degree

I feel inadequate because I don’t have a master’s degree. I come from a family of doctorates, and I chose a different path in my early adulthood—Bachelor’s, then a 10-year stint in a rock band.

I am now 40 and run my own holistic health coaching business.

When business is down, I often come back to the regret of not getting my master’s then doctorate in psychology. I feel like those are more stable, secure career paths, and health coaching is not as “professional.”

There are a lot of self-judgemental thoughts here. My main one is, “I should have done things differently” or “I’d be in a more secure place now if I would have done things differently.”

This feels so true. Like reporting the weather!

How can I challenge these thoughts? To try to skip to an Intentional Model feels inauthentic.

I really want to respect my own choices, life path and have my own back!

This subtle self-judgment has slowly eroded my confidence in forging my own career path for so long! I am successful! I’m ready to let it go and inhabit my path – and tell myself it is successful.

Unintentional Model
C- Bachelors degree + 3 professional certifications
T- I should have gotten a master’s degree
F- Shame/ regret/ inadequacy
A- ruminate, question choices, stay stuck in the past, victim mentality
R- Stay emotionally stuck, mentally prove that what I’m doing is not working

Where would you suggest I go from here?

Thank you!