Regret/Worry Post SCS Notes De-Cluttering

I am almost 2.5 years a scholar and I have listened to Brooke’s podcast at least a year before I joined.
Over these years I accumulated 3 archive boxes worth of notebooks with her quotes and thought downloads and endless models and I kept them all because I was afraid that if I will get rid of them, that means I am losing the knowledge as well.
So today I dared – I dared to shred them all. I did not like my reason for keeping them. I did not like the space they take up in my shoe box Manhattan apartment. And I wanted to see if I will panic over ‘losing them’.
I must say the de-cluttering itself felt a relief and the ‘losing’ of the notes felt stressful.
But I decided to trust that I know all that I need to know. I decided that I can always acquire more knowledge. Plus, it’s done. I cannot undo it.
Now what?

C: I shredded all my SCS notes
T: I am certain I had their useful quotes and notes that I could use for my next goal
F: Worried
A: Post on Ask Brooke
R: I prove that I shouldn’t have shredded the notes

Does my model make sense?