Hey Brooke,

I’ve been thinking about the feeling and thoughts around regret and then also listening to this months videos/homework a couple questions have come up. I’ve only skimmed this months exercise but I believe one is to write out our past 24hrs and one like it’s our last; how would we spend it.

Like you I believe in the idea that everything that has happened, happened because it did. So with that in mind if I knew tomorrow was my last but still went through my same routine: get up, work, eat, exercise, watch TV, etc. I could still choose to see that as a perfect day without regretting that I didn’t talk to a loved one, live out my purpose, fall in love etc?

Or like the book the 5 regrets of the dying, isn’t that a choice they’re thinking, they don’t have to regret not spending more time with family or not pursuing a dream, wouldn’t it be more meaningful during their last days to believe they lived their life perfectly? I can understand if you were using this belief as an excuse to hide from doing something, but I guess I’m wondering can I decide that I just don’t allow in regret? If I start a business or not it’s all perfect, if I fall in love or not it was all perfect? Am I missing something…

Thanks so much!