Regretting things that I’ve said

Hi there!
Thank you so much! 🙂

During fights, I used to say some mean stuff.
Now that I’ve discovered Self Coaching Scholars, I’m way more in control of my emotions during fights and of what I’m saying!
But I’m sometimes still saying something (less bad than I used to!) that I regret later on.

I came up with that model:

C. We disagree on a topic and fight (this could be a thought? ;))
T. I’ve always said things that I regret so, it will always be like this.
F. Hopeless
A. Showing up better during fights but still, under emotions, saying mean things
R. Saying mean things and regretting them after

When I wrote that model, I felt like what was really obvious to me was that I was beating myself up for what I said and then, recreating it even if I don’t want to!

I’m sure you can help me out! 🙂

Thank you!!!