Rehearsing new thoughts, feelings, and actions


So I felt like I was missing something or I wasnt doing the daily homework right for March because I thought I wasnt making any progress. So I went back to the beginning of the Believing New Things booklet to see if there was something I maybe wasn’t doing. On page 19 under “Rehearsing New Thoughts, Feelings and Actions” I found myself getting stuck. My new belief for this month is that I have made $70,000 in 2019. Page 19, says “think about what you will be thinking, feeling, and doing. As that person- how do you think, feel and act?” Im struggling to come up with thoughts that I would think as someone who has made $70,000. The only thing I could think of was that I wouldn’t be consumed by thoughts about my finances like I am now. I was able to come up with feelings such as relaxed, confident, free, grateful, abundant etc. I also wasn’t able to come up with actions besides paying bills on time. My issue is that if i cant come up with these thoughts or actions then I can’t visualize that version of myself or embody that version of myself. Please help