My long-distance boyfriend didn’t reply to an email that I wrote telling him about how his actions have been affecting me. (I know logically it’s my thoughts about his actions–or inactions…not calling me back, not texting back etc, but still hurts)

Here’s my model:
C: no reply to email
T: He doesn’t care about me
F: rejection
A: shut down, make it mean no one loves me, give up on my goals, spin in negative thinking
R: I don’t care about me; reject me

I’ve spend some time breathing through what rejection feels like in my body and I want to offer myself a new model that feels better, but am having trouble with the result line.

C: no reply
T: he doesn’t know how to communicate about emotions (and that’s ok)
F: understanding
A: let go, keep moving forward with my goals, think loving thoughts about him and about me
R: ?

Thanks for the help!