Rejection Deja Vu

Hi Brooke,

I run small courses for people in my profession who want to learn how to refine their skills, learn new techniques and build their business. The offering is jam packed with information, personal support and a few live events and I keep it VERY small so I can give complete access and attention to these people.

When I ran this course last time, I had one person in it that was disconnected, confrontational, didn’t do any of the assignments and left the program within the first month because they felt they weren’t getting what they wanted.

It ended up being a good thing because the others who are very into the work flourished and love the course.

I committed to myself that I would “screen” people for this next round and really do my best to make sure they were a good fit.

Now I have another amazing group and yet again there is one person who has suddenly gone AWOL. They are missing group and one-on-one calls and not turning in their work. I have reached out a few times to see if everything is ok and offer support but am getting crickets back.

I understand there could be a million explanations and even if the reason IS that this person hates me and my course, there is nothing I can do to change their thinking. Even getting that intellectually, I would appreciate your thoughts. I know the course is good, its helping people, I know that I am amazing at what I do AND still not everyone will love me.

But my mind keeps wondering what else I should have done and I am checking my email looking for some kind of explanation from this person or an action I can take to help them get what they need from this course they paid for.