Relapse is Interesting

Since I joined scholars in October I immediately lost 10 lbs by giving up sugar and flour. I maintained my weight since then almost effortlessly. Occasionally I gain a few pounds but it comes right back off. I am content between 122-125. I recently have been binging and not sure why. It was so great to be free from mind drama around food all these months. I am up to 130 after 2 weeks off protocol. Thursday I journaled 5 hours and hoped that would help but although it brought up good insights I am still feeling scared of this relapse. My coach said maybe it’s ok to just be with it without judgment but I am having trouble with that avenue. Do you have other thoughts or suggestions other than the written protocol thought downloads models? I also have been listening to the vault classes…but my mind wanders as I have listened to all of them so many times.
Thank you.