I don’t know what to do about our relationship.

We have not been in contact for like 28 days now. Before that also our communication wasn’t that great like it used to before.

Circumstances: Number of texts now Vs then

Other circumstances: He replied “okay” for my 4 texts that said I missed him so much and that I wanted to talk to him and that I said I will wake up earlier to talk to him too.

These days he doesn’t respond my messages like he used to before. Most of the time I am the only one who texts him first. He takes a long time to reply to my texts. He doesn’t ask how I am feeling.

He leaves most of my messages on seen. He never asked to call or video chat.

He doesn’t speak me to nicely. Even when I tell him stuff he kind of ignores it.

I just feel like he has changed. I just can’t believe he would act like this.

During our relationship in the beginning months, I felt like he was so caring. He was a nice guy and he seemed like he had \ a great personality. That he loved me. That he cared about our relationship. I really thought he was the one.

Now I feel completely torn apart. All of my thoughts are exactly opposite that I used to think before. I feel like he doesn’t care about me at all. Yeah, genuinely I feel like he doesn’t care about me. He ignores me and sometimes I feel like he doesn’t want to be in this relationship anymore.

I tell myself this is just my thoughts. But his behaviour or circumstances makes me think all of these thought about him.

And this is not just one-time thing. He keeps doing that.

Idk what I want anymore. I feel helpless.

Texting matters to us because we are dating long distance.

When I asked him, he said he might lose his job. Or sometimes he says he’s busy.

I take that and calm myself that yeah he must be busy. He must be going through something and it’s not about me at all.

But yeah it’s kind of sad what was our relationship like before and what it has turned out to be now.

I can’t believe that he would do this since everything was so perfect at the beginning of our relationship.