My Partner is very strong and dominant and wants to control everything. He works like crazy and has no time for anything.
He gets mad very easy, if the kids are too loud, do not listen to him, or anything. They are 2 and 5 years.
My daughter is very fearful and needs me during the night. I’m the only one who is emotionally there for them. But always getting to hear from him I’m doing it wrong, need to stop this and set boundaries.
He uses very aggressive words to the kids and me. And all people are idiots.
I feel like I need to change something. I’m so sad that there is no respect and aggression.
I’m more in control of his anger, but my daughter she is biting her nails already and healing me lady should go away.
I m a bit clueless as I’m financially dependent at the moment. We built a Business together, now I’m starting to build my Coaching now.