C – Boyfriend
T – He does not love me.
F – Heartbroken
A – Not wanting to talk to him, not share much stuff to him,
R – I don’t love myself or feel connected to him.

C – Boyfriend
T – He should love me if we are talking to each other.
F – Angry
A – Get angry at him,
R –

I realise I have so many manuals for him.
He should love me.
He should value me.
He should want to talk to me.
He should say that he loves me.
He should be the one making the effort.

I just feel like he doesn’t love me. He really does not want to talk to me and he only does that because he HAS to. I feel like he has lost interest in me.

I know I am having all this manuals for him but I feel like I will be miserable if he doesn’t do that for me. I like the idea of “adults are allowed to behave the way they want” but I feel miserable when he doesn’t follow the manual.