Relationship AND abundance in business

I would like to believe that having a romantic relationship and lots of time with my boyfriend does not have to takeaway from my business results.

Here’s 2 models I did (unintentional first; then intentional), but I am not sure how to fully step into the intentional model and how to fully let myself have the best of both worlds (business success and the relationship)

C: Goal to hit $250K by 12/31/21 and 500k by May 2022 in biz
T: I don’t know if I can spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and go on trips WHILE hitting my financial goal
F: self-doubt
– Worry while not working and with my boyfriend
– Try to spend less time with boyfriend
– feel guilt when I have free time alone and I’m not spending it on the business but wanting my own alone time too
– re-enforcing a belief that time spent is what matters most to get business results which I don’t want to believe
R: not fully enjoying or optimizing my relationship or my business

C: Goal to hit $250K by 12/31/21 and 500k by may 2022 in biz
T: Being in a relationship is actually an opportunity to be more efficient and better at my business.
F: empowered
– Become better at delegating tasks so I don’t have to do as much to achieve the results I want
– Set boundaries in my relationship to have 4pm on Sunday as my time to be home to get prepped for the week
– Ask boyfriend for advice if ever stuck in my business because sometimes he has good advice
– practice the belief that it’s not about time spent on business, it’s about efficiency and prioritizing
R: fully enjoy our time together and fully enjoy my work time without feeling guilt about either

Curious to see how I can be more efficient and hear your feedback. Thanks