Hi Brooke! Wow, I’ve been creating some amazing things and I’m only in month 3.
I’m now taking a big step and leaving Canada to Beijing for 3 months to start expanding my business and legacy. Thoughts are starting to creep in around my relationship and I’m practice being the observer. Here is what my models are looking like.
C-in China for 3 months
T-I don’t want to sacrifice my relationship b/c of career
A-question my choices, hold on tighter, fight with myself, cause unnecessary pain
R-I act like I’m losing my relationship
C- same
T-I want to have open conversation about the scenario with my partner
A-voice my concerns, listen to him with non judgment, love myself and him unconditionally, be willing to sit with whatever emotion comes up
R-I get decide how I want my relationship to look like.

Any feedback or insight would be greatly appreciated! Xo