Relationship Coaching Needed

Hi Brooke,

Right now i’m really working on working through my relationship life. I’ve been in my current relationship for almost a year and am happy, but don’t feel confident this is the best forever fit for me. So I don’t feel that i necessarily have negative thoughts I need to work through here, but more am wanting to make sure I make the best relationship choice that will set me up for success and long term happiness throughout the rest of my life. I also want to plan my life instead of letting it happen to me, and feel I could benefit from talking with a relationship coach.

Do you have a recommendation for a coach (or a few) that works specifically with romantic relationships that has had alot of success? I am also doing models on this and can be coached in scholars, but I’d really like to spend some time with someone to get help on how this narrative is affecting the rest of my life as well.