Relationship/ Dating

Hi Brooke,

Ok this will sound very high school but for the first time I am approaching dating with the knowledge of the modelso please hear me out.
I went on 3 dates with this guy. Everything was great. After a second date he started texting me every single day : from good morning to good evening, calling me honey, darling, beautiful, you are a unicorn etc etc. many compliments and tons of attention. After the third date which I thought was great he went MIA for 1.5 days. Then we chatted but he was colder when usual. He still said he likes me but didn’t ask me on a 4th date and today haven’t texted for the whole day. I know it sounds silly but I am struggling with the model running my head that I did something wrong, feeling rejected, wanted our constant text communication and compliments that he showered me with last week. I try practicing a thought that I am 100% perfection and there is nothing I could have done or said to make myself more or less lovable but I still feel this full feeling in my throat. Funny I sort of liked the guy but after he went mia of course now I really want him. I keep wanting to just send a very straight forward text asking what is going on, and I kind of did but he brushed it off. Could you please offer me advice. Thank you!