Relationship expectations

I frequently run into this challenge with my husband. He has certain very specific expectations regarding the cleanliness of the house, the laundry etc. We have an understanding that I will take care of these tasks but once every couple of months we will have a big fight about how something was not the way he wanted it to be. This past weekend it was about how i had put away his clothes in the wrong spots. I struggle a lot with this. I do it in the way I know/ have done whilst making changes based on his expectations from previous fights. I also feel like every time i troubleshoot something, I mess up something else and he is unhappy about it. It also feels like these acts of service are how he perceives my love for him. So i am caught between having to show my love for him by doing these stuff right vs my own approach of “its just laundry- do it and be done! He is a very caring, kind and amazing husband and father in all other ways. The cleaning stuff- i still can’t figure out how to live up to his expectations.