Relationship Goals

I have a question about a relationship goal and I know this is a silly question but I am very curious to get your take on it. What if my goal is to get someone to be my boyfriend. Is there a way to strategize this.. (haha even as I type this I know how crazy it sounds). I’ve been in love with this guy for 5 years and we have been seeing each other sporadically for the last 6 months. The thing is for most of our relationship my energy has been very needy even though I haven’t every really asked for much from him. I wonder if changing my energy and coming from a place of unconditional love really can make a difference. I never ask about what our relationship is or where its going and i’m afraid to make a request.. we mostly just meet up once a week and sleep together and send texts here and there throughout the week lately I decided to love him unconditionally no matter what. Obviously I’m not going to stick around if he doesn’t respect my boundaries but I decided to love him no matter what even if we aren’t in a relationship. So is it crazy to make your goal to get someone to be your boyfriend LOL!