Relationship issue

Unintentional Model:
C: Brad said he was going to help me break down after the art show and then come over to my house but then my son ended up being with me at the show. I let him know via text that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything after but that I still needed his help (which he had previously agreed to). He responded: I’m not going to be comfortable doing that – I got some drinks in me. I was actually responding to someone else at the show but texted him on accident just saying Ok thx. He responded: I apologize to you but if you didn’t have Max there I probably would have helped you. I’m just not comfortable meeting your kids when I have drinks in me – that’s not right.
T: WTF I’m obviously the last on his priority list. I wouldn’t let down a friend like that, let alone someone I’m in a relationship with.
F: Let down and really annoyed by that ‘probably’ in his response.
A: Did not respond back – broke down the show myself (and was legit in pain doing it) and he has not reached out since – two days later.
R: Tired

I tried doing an intentional model that was more hopeful for this relationship but then I wonder if I’m just making excuses for this guy – same as every other guy I’ve ever been with and if I should just cut my losses now.