Relationship Model Assistances

Ever since my boyfriend told me on Thursday that he wanted to have the weekend to himself, my thoughts have been spiraling. I am seeking your assistance in helping me to feel better about the situation. Here’s what has been going through my mind.

We spent the last 3 weekends together and they have been great.
He has sleep issues.
He said he wanted to spend this weekend to work on his sleep issues.
I can’t understand why he can’t just work on them during the week especially since he is not working much right now.
I also can’t understand why he would not just invite me over for one night then.
We don’t live near each other and I have to coordinate dog sitters when we see each other which is not always easy – I had a dog sitter.
I kept thinking what he could “really” be doing by not spending the weekend with me.
Is it possible that what he was saying is truthful? Yes.
Do I have any reason to think he would lie to me? No.
Does everyone deserve a weekend to themselves and is that okay? Yes.
I expressed that I wanted to see him but understand he has sleep issues and support him.
I want his sleep issues to get better because they will make me feel better as well.
I understand I can’t change him and am not trying to.

I so badly want to think about him less and be able to do my own thing and not worry about when I’m going to see him or talk to him next. This is a big one for me. How can I improve on it?


C. BF and I did not see each other this past weekend.
T. He must not like me as much as I like him because he didn’t want to spend the weekend with me
T. He must be with another girl.
T. He’s not as committed to this relationship as I am.
F. Disappointed
A. Let sadness take over me.
R. I am letting these thoughts run me.


C. BF and I did not see each other this past weekend.
T. Just because he wants one weekend to himself does not mean he loves me any less.
F. Understanding
A. Focus on the things that bring me joy apart from him.
R. I am loving and respecting myself.