Relationship models

I’m struggling to figure out the thought(s) to work with for this. Maybe the answer is that I have a few models going on at once, but is there a notion that one thought is driving most of the other thoughts? That they’re interrelated, so the key is finding the core thought from which the others unfold?

C – Mutual decision not to continue long distance romantic relationship
T – Be grateful he’s still in your life. If I was actually enough, he would have wanted to stay in this relationship with me. I’m always going to be alone. This isn’t what I want. Move on since he doesn’t want you. Move on since you won’t get to be with him in the way you wanted. Move on because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

I keep spinning on variations of these thoughts, all of which are leading to a lot of sadness and feeling stuck/trapped. Thanks for your help.