Relationship Questions – K

Hi Brooke,

I am in a very loving and trusting relationship with my boyfriend of 6 years, however I’ve hit a change in identity after a lot of inner work and my intuition is telling me that this relationship is not serving me and to break up. This is scaring the living crap out of me because I love my boyfriend so much and we have the best friendship. There really is nothing wrong with the relationship except for my new sense of self and my intuition bossing me in this new direction 🙂 Last night I talked to my boyfriend about my fears about us ever breaking up and letting him know I do feel uncertainty. He was very easy to talk to about my initial fears and uncertainty, however I haven’t found the courage to move forward with the breakup because I’m scared of losing him. My love for him is so strong, but I think I’m also holding too tightly on to him through my anxious thoughts about how much I’ll lose if he’s not partner anymore. I did the models below and wanted your input since I can’t seem to shake the “Sad” emotion no matter how I look at it.

C Relationship
T I need him because I love our relationship
F Scarcity, fear, anxiety
A Cry and stay small/victim
R Unhealthy relationship

C Relationship
T I love him and I love myself
F Sad but empowered
A Release and let things unfold
R Healthy relationship