relationship struggle

Hi Brooke,
I am really struggling with the state of affairs with my sister. Long story short we attempted to resolve several issues two years ago, and she has barely spoken to me since. I have made multiple attempts over the past two years to try to extend an olive branch and move forward, but I get nowhere with her. She basically said that she will continue to treat me this way – barely speaking to me- indefinitely. I know she has anger issues and is a monster grudge holder, and I can’t change her. The problem is there are five girls in our family, and the complications with this one sister are affecting everyone’s relationship. She is constantly going to the other sisters and complaining and asking them to take sides. I started off by trying to defend myself, but now I just have pulled back from everyone. I am hurt because I feel that the other three sisters are playing both sides, and that really bothers me. I know in my heart that they placate her because she is difficult, but I am hurt that no one will say anything about her treatment of me. Especially since my conversation with her two years ago centered on her terrible treatment of two out of the other three other sisters. Ever since that conversation she has been treating the others like gold, and they are so relieved not to have to deal with her anger, they just moved on from their problems with her. That’s what I wanted to happen – I wanted her to treat them better – except now she just directs all her anger at me. I am at the point now where I can’t sleep, and I am eating stuff because I’m aggravated instead of eating because I’m hungry. Then I just feel worse. Every time I close my eyes I can’t stop thinking of how I want to tell her about the pain and damage she has done, but the truth is I know she will never take responsibility for what she’s done. Now I feel like my relationship with everyone is damaged, and I am heartbroken. Thank you for listening….