Relationship with my boyfriend

C – My long distance boyfriend leaves my message on seen. Doesn’t want to text me like he used to. Doesn’t read my messages.
T – He doesn’t care about our relationship
F – Unwanted
A – cry, feel bad, wish he didn’t change, don’t understand why he acts that way, i also notice how I feel, I tell myself its my thoughts that is making me feel this way,
R – I don’t show up the way I want in our relationship and in my life.

I feel so bad. I know its my thoughts about his actions that is making me feel this way. But I do feel bad. He was so nice at the start of our relationship, I feel so bad because I can’t really do anything about how he acts. It hurts bad. I love him so much and I like everything about him and I don’t want to lose him.

But his action makes me think that he doesn’t love me. He lost interest towards me. I can do nothing about this. I feel bad.

I don’t talk to any other guys because I really wanted to commit to one guy and love him but it really hurts when he acts this way. He wasn’t like this at the start of our relationship.

What do I about all of this when I do want to talk to him. I always act loving and nice to him. I never ignore his messages unless I am mad. I feel so unloved and unwanted now.