Relationship with my daughter

I really don’t know where to start. I believe that I have tried and keep trying many coaching tools and concepts. I even allowed the feeling of resentment towards my 2 years old and stopped fighting it, and judging myself for it. I try to think about unconditional love towards her, just because she is a prefect complete human, who is 100 percent loveable. But the resentment is so high and I really don’t know how I can allow the resentment and still show up for her. I have a son, and love towards him just comes naturally, I don’t have to self-coach myself at all. With my daughter it has never been the same, and I am just carrying the resentment towards her since the day she was born, trying to figure out what is wrong, and why it is so hard to love her. Great questions to ask, I know:) I think I am still trying to figure out this one thing that is off. But that is probably because my daily efforts and constant self coaching when it comes to her hysterics, tantrums, lack of sleep are leaving me exhausted both physically and mentally. Thank you for giving the opportunity to open these things, and thank you in advance for any thoughts.