Relationship with my parents

I would really like to have a better relationship with my parents and realize that the relationship is created from the thoughts in my brain.

I feel bad about the fact that I get impatient in my mind with my mom when she calls several times a week and wants to know what is going on with my family. She asks a lot of questions and really struggles with technology in which I spend hours on the phone trying to help her figure out how to print an email or do something on her phone when we have gone over it several times before.

I realize that part of the problem is my belief that I am responsible for making my parents feel better so I can feel better. We live in a different state and this belief makes me feel helpless when I can’t help them, especially with diagnosing health issues. They have gone to several doctors for my Dad’s pain and no doctor has been able to fix it.

Any suggestions on my UM and IM:
C- Mom says words – asking me how to do something again or asks lots of questions about me
T- I don’t want to explain this again
F- Annoyed
A- Usually completely hold in my feeling but sometimes I am a little short with her, complain to husband, judge myself for my thoughts, don’t do a good job explaining
R- ?

C- Mom says words – asking me how to explain things again or just ask lots of questions about me.

Thanks for your help!