Relationship work with Children

Hi Brooke and all!
I have a few questions. I will try to separate them about a bit for clarity.

I had actually selected my older 2 children (9 and 6) initially as 2 of the 4 people, but now after doing the first week and letting it sink in about “adults get to do what they want”, I’m wondering on many levels how this material applies to our children and our relationships with them. Because we protect them, and set boundaries FOR them, and don’t let them do whatever they want. I definitely think I’d like to do this work with my oldest because I have all kinds of worries and issues with him right now. So:
1. Is it advisable to focus for one of the relationship weeks on children?
2. Are you planning to do a month of SCS on parenting/children?

Like you, I have a marriage relationship, a parenting relationship, and a business relationship with my husband. We are co-owners and operators of a very small business, that can be very stressful. I appreciated your behind the scenes video, as our life seems like a big tangle of roles much of the time, and it seems that we are not nearly as in a good place you and Chris seem to be!
3. I had an idea that I want to get your opinion on – I was thinking maybe I could do 2 separate weeks on my husband. I was already planning to do the week 3 of Be a Good Mate on him, but there is just so much material. Maybe I could do another week on him, specifically as my business partner, as someone else would do a week on their boss. That might help me to tease out all the thoughts and feelings (there are SO many, and it feels so messy and crazy!) Or maybe even three weeks, although that seems excessive for one person…but my relationship with him really seems that huge and all encompassing.

Thanks in advance for your help!